Getting to know little miss

We had a really busy day today.  I woke up at 5:30 am local time.  If you know me, you know I'm not a morning person.  I woke up hungry-of course.  Anyway, I saw my first EE sunrise.  Sunrises always remind me of God's glory and his faithfulness.

Our TEAMworks time has been very full and productive.  We worked with kids at the orphanage yesterday and today.  I went with a separate group to the children's hospital.  After some basic education and sharing there, we drove to a fabric store to have some curtains made for the nicu and baby rooms in the hospital.  I'm very excited about it.  The curtains will help set a calm atmosphere for the rooms and will help with the preemie's stats.

I saw Eva Claire some this afternoon.  Her favorite caregiver, Valya, was there.  When I saw Valya, I realized that God had very specifically answered mine and Daniels' prayers for a special caregiver to love her and care for her.  Valya loves Eva Claire.  She welcomed me with so much warmth, and I have peace knowing that she's looking after our little one.

Today, Eva Claire and I had our same song and dance except for very little crying and we were closer to one another.  I have several pics.  She is so, so introspective.  And bright.  After two years of isolation and just about three months of integration into a room with significantly delayed children, she has begun to babble and talk.  Hallelujah for neuroplasticity.

Our driver, Vova, was in the room while we worked.  Eva Claire looked at him and said, "Dada."  Her caregivers explained to me that it could mean 'dad' or 'uncle.'  She's a smart cookie.  Already labeling.