Looks like a roadblock to us. Wonder what it looks like to God?

We just learned that the ministry found an error with our dossier.  We'll know more details tomorrow but our facilitator is nearly positive that there were no errors in the dossier.  She thinks that if there is an error, that it is on the part of the ministry.

She also says from experience that in instances such as these, that the ministry "never makes mistakes." As in, if they did make a mistake, they'll disagree and it will still be on us to update our documents.

Tomorrow we'll know what we need to correct.  We'll start again.

It looks like another frustrating delay.  What does this look like to our Father-to Him who sees in whole not in part?

We're resting in the arms of grace and praise God because He is good and because He's gone ahead of us and prepared the way.

This has certainly been emotionally tumultuous, but we're looking forward to seeing what our Father has prepared for us:)