Your girl saw a cat for the first time today...

It's been a crazy week.  Because of the delays we've had, about seven of our documents 'expired.'

Our facilitator strongly urged us to prepare the documents ASAP so that the Wyatts (a local family adopting from the same orphanage) could bring our documents with them as they return to EE Sunday.

There is a time crunch because we're running the risk of the Ministry accepting our Dossier when it's not complete due to the expired documents.

I've been emailing and calling this week to try and get all of our loose ends tied up.  We have had some amazing family members and friends help us to rush and get these documents together, several of which were out of town and out of state until just yesterday.  Just this morning, I got four of the documents.  So I went to LR again today to re-apostille once again.

We have all of our documents and we're driving them to Tulsa tomorrow to hand off to the Wyatts.  It's a miracle.  Two of our documents were pieced together really last-minute.  Please pray that ALL of our documents are received with favor.  We're ready to go get our girl.

If you're wondering about the blog title and how it relates to all our document news-it doesn't at all.  It was the subject line in an email from our facilitator.  I'm pasting it below.  It is one of the sweetest messages I've ever gotten.

Abby, I saw Nastya yesterday. She was outside in the playground of the orphanage. She was in a playpen. And yesterday Nastya saw a cat first time. The cat came to the playpen and looked into Nastya’s face. The cat was very careful and it didn’t want to scare the girl. It is difficult to describe J Nastya hasn’t seen cats before. You know that our officials are “afraid” of animals in medical institutions. But that cat didn’t know the regulations and rules. The cat walked at the playground. And the cat looked at Nastya. Her eyes became very very big and she was looking in wide-eyed astonishment. She tried to understand what faces she saw and why that face was different. The cat saw Nastya’s big surprised eyes and they were looking at each other. The caregivers were very close and they were ready to help Nastya if she needs help. But it was not dangerous situation. Your girl saw a cat first time yesterday.

It is not easy to describe. But I hope you understand what I wanted to express. It was very kind and good situation.