I'll look back at this and laugh some day

We got an update and it's not what we wanted to hear.   On July 23 our Petition to submit our dossier was submitted-not our dossier as I had originally hoped.  So, instead of expecting a travel date in 6 weeks, we're expecting one in more like 2.5-3 months.  Yuck.  We were also warned that we might have to re-do some of our dossier because all dates have to be within 6 months of our submission.  Based on that information, we will likely have several papers to redo.  Yuck again.

I'm weary from all the paperwork and the waiting.  But, God is good.  We and our situation are in His loving hands.  I know this, but it's still easy to get overwhelmed with this process.  

What I'm thinking is that God has a good reason for this 'delay.'  It's not a delay to Him.  It's His timing. 

We did get some nice updates, too.  Since Eva has been moved out of isolation and into a room with other children, she has started babbling.  Go figure:)

We also learned that she has a grandmother who visits her every month and brings her gifts/clothing.  That was nice to hear.  

One more good thing that I learned was that some medicated sores on her head were NOT scabies but mosquito bites.  That was a soothing balm to my frazzled nerves.  A mosquito is a much preferable parasite.  Scabies are disturbing.  Burrowers, nasty.

So, here's a picture from yesterday of Eva with mosquito bites on her face:)  In my mind, those bites are the only downside to being outdoors:)