Why the need for privacy?

I'm not thrilled about having to make our blog private.  Our blog was targeted by an Anti-Reece's Rainbow "troll."  This troll posted a direct link from this blog as well as two other online entities, implying that we are going to ruin American/Russian/Eastern European adoptions.

The troll was making the point that photo-listings and pre-selection adoptions are illegal in Russia and parts of Eastern Europe and we (the two groups and myself) were breaking those laws.  The troll went on to suggest that we were endangering the delicate adoption relationship between the U. S. and those regions.  I understand their concern regarding legalities, but their implications are grossly exaggerated, melodramatic, and must frustratingly unfounded.  

Daniel and I did not chose "Anastasia" from an online photo-listing.  I met her on Eastern European government-approved therapy mission trips in April 2010 and October 2011.  My state and national occupational therapy licenses, as well as those of my co-workers, were sent to the capitol for approval.  We had permission to visit, teach, and work in her orphanage.  It was from meeting "Anastasia" and from very strong impressions from God that we made the decision to pursue adopting her using an independent facilitator.

Regarding pre-selecting, every potential adoptive parent knows that one is not guaranteed to be able to adopt the child he or she is pursuing.  Daniel and I are pursuing adopting "Anastasia," but we both understand that the adoption is not guaranteed.  Fair enough?

And finally, kudos to Reece's Rainbow for being such a brave and EFFECTIVE advocate for so many children with special needs!  Judge a tree by its fruits.  If the troll had international orphans with special needs' best interests at heart, he or she would be advocating for them rather than smearing such a wonderful program.