Hold up there little lady

I guess I feel like God's saying that to me.

I drove to LR yesterday to get our dossier apostilled only to learn that the state regulations for notarizations has changed, resulting in us needing to redo some of our paperwork.

Ugh ugh ugh.

I'll probably be driving back to LR Monday or Tuesday to try again.

We're pretty much on schedule for the 6-9 month estimate that families adopting from Eastern Europe are given.  We got the go ahead from God in January and our tentative travel time is in about two months.  But I still feel frustrated with this delay upon delay upon delay bit.

I try to rush things.  A natural tendency.  It's really difficult to balance being a practical advocate who wants to RUSH to get your child home and to give them good care with being still and knowing that God is God.

So, I push what I can but rest assured that the timing is in the hands of my beloved creator who spoke the Universe into being.

All this to say, God is in control and I'm wondering what He has in store for us early this fall???