Please Pray!

Hi friends.

I just received some sad news regarding a sweet, sweet little girl from Eva Claire's orphanage.  She's "Tamara" on RR, and it's so unfortunate that the family who had planned on adopting her is now unable to.  Please, please, please pray for this little girl!

The same inspections that prevent our facilitator from giving us updates on Eva Claire have affected Kiera.  The orphanage director is a wonderful man who fights for these children to keep them longer so they aren't transferred to institutions.  When the inspectors went through this orphanage, they have made it clear that children who are about to 'age out' must have a commitment letter from an adoptive family or they will be transferred.

Kiera or "Tamara" NEEDS a family!  She is a bright little girl with so much potential!  Please pray for her and get the word out!  Amy already has a post together about this sweet little miss!

Please feel free to email me if you'd like more information about her!