Oh Sweet Honey and the Bee: A Beautiful Friendship

Remember in the very long post where I shared how patiently God led us to sweet Eva Claire?  Remember, Amy, my co-worker-speech-and-language-pathologist-extraordinaire who was an integral part of Eva's story?  The same Amy who blogs and advocates for children with special needs from Eva Claire's orphanage?  The same Amy who's sent countless emails following up with potential adopted families to help those precious ones be adopted?  The same Amy who boldly spoke up at the orphanage and asked if we could work with Nastia/Eva Claire even though she was in isolation?  The same Amy who knew my torn heart and held off posting about Eva Claire so that Daniel and I could pray just one more week for God's will-AND during that week God spoke and we knew He called us to be her blessed parents???  The same Amy who in this picture sits with mine and Daniel's future daughter and prays over her while I argue with doctors to request that she be moved out of isolation?

The same Amy who joined the argument for bringing Eva Claire to a baby room?

Well, Amy put together a very well-written post where she shares Eva Claire's story from her perspective.  My gracious friend is a good writer and if you're somehow invested in Eva's life, you'll enjoy it.

Happy Easter dear friends!  Thankful for his grace and provision in all things, especially good friends.