Nesting and News

We heard from our social worker this weekend.  She's tying up lose ends on our Home Study and hopes to have it completed early next week-  Y A Y!!!

A good friend and co-worker who is adopting from the same orphanage got her home study report, they edited a couple of typos, and then got it turned in to Homeland Security.  Within a week and a half she had an appointment for fingerprinting.  The appointment time for her and her husbands fingerprinting was only like two weeks out from the time their Home Study was submitted.  Hopefully ours will go as quickly.

Daniel and I were able to meet some very sweet neighbors this weekend.  Their son has arthrogryposis.  We met through mutual friends and it's such a comfort to have them so close!  I'm sure we'll be getting tips on physicians, surgeries, funding, and all that good stuff.  It doesn't matter that I'm an OT, there will still be so much to learn on how to best care for Eva Claire when she gets here.  AND-little miss will have a sweet, sweet and bright little boy nearby to play with who'll understand many of her challenges.

That's exciting.  I realize that she's been institutionalized, but I'm hopeful for some emotional blossoming and future playdates!  Also, this sweet and encouraging family gave us their little boy's extra crib!  They had to have more than one due to prolonged hospital stays away from their home.  This is the exact crib that I'd wanted and had tagged online to get later.  It's got a vintagey feel that I like.  We plan to paint it off-white to match the rest of Eva's furniture-someday...

I also got (i think) one last little bit for Eva's nursery room.   It's too much fun and super, super cheap.  It's an old Air France print of their flight paths.  The artwork reminds me of the illustrations from my box set of The Chronicles of Narnia.  Much too whimsical to resist.

And here's Eva Claire's home region!