4 things

4 things going on while we hurry and wait:

1. Social worker emailed and she's working on typing up our homestudy this week.


2. Daniel and I celebrated our five year anniversary last weekend!  He got me the diaper bag of my dreams and a hammock.  I'm afraid the hammock is going to become a lifestyle kind of a thing
3. Our facilitator has not been able to visit Eva Claire at her orphanage because they are going through inspections as part of their social policy something or other restructuring.  It's hard to not be getting any news and I have no new pictures since October :(  At least I know that the Creator of the universe holds her in His hands.

4. I have heard from some good friends that they know of a local family who is interested in adopting a child or children with special needs from Eva Claire's orphanage!  So, basically the 'hopeless' room, Room 4, will be nearly empty.  That's a good thing, friends!