A time for everything

We've been resting and absolutely not productive with the house lately.  We worked so hard for so many weeks to get the house ready for the homestudy that we're taking a reprieve from our second job-renovating.

We have made progress with our dossier though.  Yay!  We're ready to tie up some loose ends, get our homestudy, and send it off!

I've decided that it's good to keep my mind occupied with preparations.  That helps the missing.  I probably won't think that always, but for now it's a good distraction.

Our time of rest seems to be coming to and end.  Tonight Daniel and I are helping out with our local rEcess and next week we'll have more meetings for our upcoming annual TEAMworks Golf Tournament.  The tournament supports TEAMworks, the non-profit therapy mission TEAM that is very, very close to my heart.  Daniel's too: )

TEAMworks is amazing.  I've been on three of the trips and it's such a beautiful thing...As therapists, we are able to support families and orphanage caregivers by educating them on therapy techniques.  We also provide hundreds and hundreds of pounds of therapy equipment for children who would not otherwise have access.  I can't believe how blessed I am to be a part of this TEAM-despite the fact that we're 'doing for' others, we are the ones who are blessed by these trips.

The TEAMworks blog also advocates for individual children whom we meet on our trips year round.  Wonderful Amy takes care of this.

Also, have I mentioned that I met Anastasia/Eva Claire through this TEAM??  Doesn't get any better than that!  Please consider sponsoring TEAMworks!