this and that

Here are some pictures from our work over the weekend.

The old dining room which will be our den is ready to be carpeted : )  We're thinking about doing berber incase Eva Claire will need a wheel chair for a while.  Daniel and I plan to check some surplus stores to see if we can find a large scrap piece to fit.  Then we'll trim it out, swap out the chandelier for a ceiling fan, and be done!

And here's Eva Claire's room!  The walls and ceiling have been repaired, patched, sanded, primed and are ready to paint!  We have a ceiling fan to add some light and then we'll be ready to add some basic furniture.  
 The ductwork will be trimmed out and painted-we're so grateful to have it basically flush with the wall and not taking over the whole ceiling like it was before.  And I am determined to paint the green trim in the hallway this week.
 And finally, I caved and got some linen to make Eva Claire's bedding.  It's wonderful, crinkly, soft linen.  It was also on sale : )  The original set has been added to mine and Aubrey's etsy site.

I know God is good.  His blessings abound.  All last year I was praying for God to give me a more thankful heart.  A friend suggested that I read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  It's such a good reminder that blessings are EVERYWHERE even if we can't see them or don't understand God's ways.  However, some blessings are just very obvious.

Don't you just want to hug her??