Paperwork woes

I sent in our documents to our translator and she found a few errors that I will have to fix : /  Using others' forms, I've been making adjustments for our personal info, etc.  Apparently some of the adjustments that I made for accuracy were supposed to stay the way the were...

What I have learned is that things basically have to be the way Eva Claire's country wants the documents.  Not the (to me) logical way.  That's okay.  Things work out.  I can definitely be flexible, I just hate wasting time.

AND a good friend just informed me that I didn't actually have to wait until the magical list of children-under-five-with-special-needs-unable-to-be-addressed-by-their-country comes out in supposedly the end of February.  Sweet Eva Claire's diagnosis of arthrogryposis was on the magical list last year so she's still good for this year.

I am so, so very thankful for this extra measure of grace!  

Of all the diagnoses poorly funded orphanages might have difficulty treating-they list arthrogryposis??  What about cerebral palsy or hydrocephalus?  

Please pray that leaders will add at least those diagnoses to this magical list and that they will do it in a timely manner!

We continue to renovate this old house...Our social worker comes to our home this week so prayers are appreciated!