The nursery is getting there!

This weekend (for once) Daniel went out for a weekend trip with some guy friends while I worked some on the house.   Daniel works full time and comes home in the evenings to either do more work-work, work on the cars, or work on the house.  I am so thankful that Daniel has some great friends and that he was able to have some much-needed fun this weekend! They drove to Missouri to enjoy some man-made snow and skiing.  He sent me a quick pic of James and Ben and some snow!
I was actually supposed to drive to Beebe this weekend to visit my good friend, Paige, but postponed because we both had sore throats.  Sad times.  However, it worked out well because I was able to get some work done and rest in the meantime.

I painted the nursery walls and trim.  Two coats each.  Absolutely sick of painting.

I'm really wanting to do some nesting, but we just don't have the room ready yet nor the furniture.  I have some art for the walls though.  These are a couple of paintings that my Gran did years and years ago.  I adore them!  They remind me of Grimm's Fairy tales.  Hansel and Gretel maybe?  They'll go on the wall somewhere, along with some garland I made.  I cut up an old cutter quilt (there was no hope for salvaging it or I would have-I nearly cried cutting out the triangles) to make some antiquey garland on twine.

I also went to some of mine and Daniel's favorite antique markets on Saturday.  I found this and couldn't resist it.  I know it's a nicknack.  Dust collector.  I know.  But still...

Hehhehe, I'm just now noticing that she's got some beefy arms
And I also started working on a dresser for Eva Claire.  It's one that was given to Daniel and me a while back but has been sitting in our office.  The top veneer was ruined so I chiseled it off and sanded the top.  It's tiger oak.  I love tiger oak.  But, for a nursery it might be best to have something lighter with Hobby Lobby awesome drawer pulls??  Not sure what the future holds for this piece.

Update on the adoption and paperwork process:

Daniel and I meet with our social worker this week individually and next week she'll come to our home : )  We were supposed to meet last week, but our available times didn't work out.  It might be best that way, because it gives us one more week to get our house together and un-scary.

We have basically till the end of February to complete our part of the paperwork because Eva's home country will not distribute their magical list of diagnoses of children under the age of five available for adoption until then.  I am SO VERY VERY BLESSED to be able to have a copy of some friends' dossier as well as digital copies of another friend's documents needed for the dossier.  I have edited nearly all of the documents (except for two, I think) and they're ready to be printed, signed, notarized, and appostilled.

We have completed the first portion of our physicals and are awaiting test results to finish those.

Also, Daniel and I have had lots of questions regarding Eva Claire's name.  It is Anastasia, "Nastia," but will be changed to Eva Claire when we (by God's grace) complete our adoption.  The most confusing part is the pronunciation.  It's a shortened form of Evalena with a soft 'e.'  Like, "I'll neva, eva paint again."  Not Eva like Eva Braun : )

Have a great week!