Life is going along

I grew up living in a no man's land of sorts.  We had a Fort Smith Address but actually lived out of town.  I went to Greenwood schools, which were much smaller.  I had a close group of friends growing up, a few guys and a few girls.  We remained friends throughout elementary school into high school.

One day in high school, one of my guy friends casually mentioned his brother.  Brother?  I had NO IDEA he had a brother!  I had known him for years and he'd never mentioned him before.  Ever.  I asked him about this mystery brother.  Was he in prison?  Was he a leper?

Nope.  This brother was just older.  Like 10 years older.  That was it, and I was scared.  I have two sisters whom I dearly love.  Dearly.  They are 10 and 18 years younger than me.

When I had this conversation with my friend, I decided that I would not be a no-name older sister.

So, despite the very exciting fact that Daniel and I are preparing to adopt sweet Eva Claire, I am still a sister and I still do things with these ladies!  I really hope to keep a balance in all my roles: wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, cousin, friend...Balance is good :)

The middle sister (10 years younger) had a talent show this weekend.  Of course I went.  I was there with bells on.  She was gorgeous and amazing!  She and her good friend performed a violin duet and I'm going to brag a short clip: