It takes a village...

Our community group from New Heights is going to come over this Saturday to help us get our house and specifically our nursery ready for Eva Claire.  We are so blessed and so excited!

The drywall is almost finished in her room, so we'll be ready to paint and hopefully get other areas of the house looking good and better suited for a small child.  Our renovation pace is quickening :)

I'm realizing that not only does it take a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to ransom and prepare for a child's homecoming.  Our sweet Eva Claire has had so, so many people praying for her, and she has had many financial supporters as well through Reece's Rainbow.  Sometimes like today, it hits me powerfully-how giving changes lives.  I don't know how many people have contributed to her fund, but God used that gift to enable us to ransom her.  God is so good.

oh my goodness.  can't wait to get her home!
I finished the bedding for Eva's room.  Yes, it's plane jane.

And I finished (I think) my last commission quilt for a bit:

Daniel and I meet with our social worker for the first time next week.  Prayers are appreciated.  We're trying to plow through paperwork.  Eva Claire's home country will not be officially processing adoptions for special needs children until around the end of February, so we're giving ourselves till that time to try to prepare all of the documents we can for our dossier.

It's a busy season around here.  A blessed, busy season.