There are some things that I have taken for granted and am humbly learning their worth.  They're not all necessarily biblical, but God is using them to bless us: words of encouragement, networking and online fellowship through support groups such as Reece's Rainbow and Arthrogryposis Adoption blogs, prayers for sweet Eva and her family, and even financial support from people we've never met.  I will never view offerings the same way!

I thank God because He provides all, and I thank you all for your encouragement and support!  Your kindness is a refreshing reminder of God's goodness as we stumble through this process.

Every orphan has a story scripted by the Creator who spoke the world into being.  Every orphan has infinite worth to his and her Creator.  I count it a blessing and an honor to be called to be part of Eva Claire's story.  Daniel and I are both so excited as we anticipate bringing her home!  He has asked me several times, "I wonder what Eva Claire's doing right now?"  Isn't our God amazing to give him such a sweet love for a little girl he's never met???

To help us raise the ransom for bringing Eva Claire home, I am going to start a Giveaway.  To enter in the drawing for the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment at the end of this post, or send me an email ( with your contact into.   Tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated but are not required to enter the drawing!

I will write down the names and complete a drawing after one week.  I will email the winner and then ship out the giveaway : )

The first giveaway is for a child's quilt I made.  This is an original patchwork quilt in a landscape style, showcasing Kokka's Little Red Riding Hood Scandinavian-inspired fabric.

The quilt is machine-pieced and quilted with a brown binding, backed in a complimentary red and gold fireworks pattern.

The cotton fabrics were purchased from a variety of sources including chain fabric stores and boutiques.

Measures approximately 38.5"x43.5"

Machine wash gentle cycle cold water and line dry