Drawing over at midnight!

So, I realized that I wasn't very clear in the posts about when I'd end the drawing and how to enter.  Sorry.  I'm generally vague, and the guidelines were vague because I'd never done a drawing before.

Here's the gist:
-over at midnight tonight
-I'll draw from the names and post the winner tomorrow
-if you haven't entered yet and are interested, all you have to do is comment to this post (any kind of a comment is good) or -email me (abby1015@gmail.com) and you are entered in the drawing
-it would be best if you leave your email so I can let you know that you won and we can figure out shipping
-you do not have to make a donation to enter but donations are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated

Also, we have carpet!  Yay!
I know that our house doesn't have to be 'perfect' for our home study (that would take divine intervention anyway) BUT I want it to be safe and comfortable so that our social worker doesn't feel stressed about putting "their home is tidy, safe, and would be a wonderful environment for a child..bla bla bla" on our homestudy.  I also want our house to be comfortable for us and Eva Claire.

And, God answered our prayers about this silly carpet.  We got a quote initially, then after measuring it was kinda high (actually really high for what we budgeted), and then they called us back and gave us a lower quote.  Praise God!