We just found out that our home visit portion of the homestudy has been postponed until next Wednesday at the earliest.  Argh.  I'm not sure if it's our social worker's schedule, or if she's waiting on getting back our results from our background and child maltreatment checks, or what.  We're kinda bummed.

We were looking forward to blitzing our house and getting this visit over with...But maybe we'll just cram in more stuff before next Wednesday and have this old house looking swanky.

Tonight we've been preparing our dining room to be our new carpeted den.  Hopefully the carpet layers will be able to take care of it tomorrow.  We were supposed to have a time confirmed today, but that was delayed as well.  God is in control and His timing is best.  Bottom line.

Here are some pics from our most recent labors (including Daniel working with 100% recycled AKA free trim : ) and a swatch of our lovely, functional berber: