600a Received!

Our 600a has been received!  We requested that they accept ours without our homestudy completed, as Eva Claire needs medical care.  There are no guarantees, but it's good to know that they've begun processing it.

Eva Claire's room is almost completely ready.  A few more touchups are needed and work on the closet.

Daniel is still working on our second floor bathroom, which will be our 'family' bathroom as the first floor bath is a half bath and the third floor bath is...on the third floor.
Trimming out the tub
And we finally have an outlet!  Some paint was scratched in the process, but it can be touched up.  Small price to pay for a functional outlet!

And Daniel says I'm going crazy with nesting.  It's hard not to when you do a lot of "hurry and wait" with dossier documents.  In between, you've got to nest or something.  So I made a mobile.  If you adopt an institutionalized child, They say that you're supposed to keep the room pretty sterile.  I am trying.  However,  I do know that little miss has a mobile over her crib.  So a mobile is fair game : )

Have a great week!