Productive Times

1. I had a dream that Eva Claire had four siblings available for adoption.  We'll see how that ends up : )

2. Daniel and I are both getting progressively more excited-We have been excited from the beginning, so maybe it's the the added component of anticipation that makes it feel like it's growing.

3. I finished Gracie's quilt.  Hopefully her parents will be flying to China soon to get her.

4. Have lots of paperwork ready to be notarized and sent out.  Yay!  The paperwork is intimidating-BUT IT'S ALL WORTH IT!!

5. We've gotten more accomplished on nursery demo for Eva Claire.  Daniel, Shawn, and James worked for hours this morning and early into the evening.  

The grid for the old paneled ceiling and extra HVAC duct work were taken down.  

The 100 lb mirrors were taken down.  

The fluorescent light was removed.

The 'light box' was centered.

Pieces of the ceiling and drywall that were damaged by an old leak were removed (the leak has long since been repaired-praise God!)  You can see our old 'walls' where they cut away drywall.  Pretty cool.  Wish we could leave the boards and paint/fix them up, but people who are in a hurry don't get to do all the cool things they want in their renovations. 


Wish this pic had turned out better-James looks pretty awesome in his getup 

6. Bought some linen-like material for $21 to get started on Eva Claire's bedding!  Here's the $300 inspiration:

Etsy Source