I adore anthropologie's clothes but cannot ethically justify spending that much money.  Luckily for frugal me, sometimes NBC carries their stuff.  They did this week and it was half of half of half : )

I just got this dress.  It's not very practical.  It's November, the dress is linen and strapless.  I walked around the store for about an hour trying to talk myself out of it but just couldn't do it.  It has a petticoat. Daniel said I couldn't walk away because it reminded me of Guatemala.  Maybe he was right. Or maybe it was because it has a petticoat.

To make me feel a little bit better, I made a plan to add some straps.  That way the dress is a little bit easier to wear.  So I found this fabric at JoAnn's and hand-stitched them on cause my machine is on the fritz.

 The sleeves can be either like a tank or a whispy-sleeve shirt.