Week and weekend projects

Because I cannot find motivation to work on house stuff and because of my before-mentioned need to create, I made some more stuff.

The first thing was a cover for my Bible.  My friend Katherine suggested a version that I really like-but I cheaped out and bought the paperback.  So I used some left over leather from the too short of sleeves jacket and made a simple cover.

Then I started another quilt for my cousin's wonderful friend, Kym.  She liked the elephant one that I made but like me she isn't a pastel lover. Hallelujah.  So here's version 2.0 with bold fabrics.  Hopefully I'll start quilting soon.

Finally, I gave new life to an old frame.  I painted a glitzy black and silver frame white-ish. Then I put in a pastel that my Gran and I had done last Fall.  Actually, she did most of it and helped me clean up my messes.  It was a wonderful time.  She suggested a white frame to which I responded something like, "all our frames are dark-I'll probably do black."  Tried black and it didn't work.  She was right.  White looks much better.

And because it was just so beautiful, I have to add a little picture from a wedding I went to this weekend.  I got a quick pic before the pews filled in...Kara is an old friend whom I collaborated with on MANY projects for acting programs for children with special needs.  She is an amazing Godly woman!  Her wedding was Saturday at her grandparents farm. Beautiful!!!