Apron Frenzy Tribute

Growing up, I took for granted the fact that my family was close.  Really close.  My Gran had six kids which made a big, close-knit family.  My mom and I lived with my Gran for several years until I started kindergarten.  We also lived with my aunt Darla some during that time.  Those were our gypsy years.  They were beautiful!  I loved and adored my mom, and my Gran and my Aunt Darla are my "other mothers."  I love them so!

I had a very close relationship with my Gran.  She was mine : )
She was a truly amazing woman-an artist who raised six children essentially alone and completed her degree while working the night-shift.  Her memoir is here.  This is her when she was around 15
My Gran passed away in February, and I thought the world would end.  Of course, it didn't.  I went back to work and tripped through all the daily things that we all do.  It's really hard to take time to grieve because it hurts.  So, in honor of my Gran, I make art.  It helps.

My latest 'art' has been six aprons for my five aunts and my mom.  The holidays are up-coming and I thought an apron would be a nice pre-holiday gift.  It's also a goal of mine to be thoughtful when I grow up.  Taking an idea from my Aunt Darla, I used some linens from my Gran's house that are old and oh, so soft.  Here are a few of the aprons...The odd one out is for my mom, the middle child : )