Back to the land of the living!

I have weirdo food allergies.  I think I 'got' them because I always used to make fun of other people with food allergies.  I thought people who had to have special menus were high maintenance.  Cynicism is nasty and empathy is a real treat, right?

So, I found out around February that I am allergic (not intolerant, but allergic) to whey, wheat, mozzarella, beef, pork, lamb AND I have reactive hypoglycemia.  The hypoglycemia is pretty common, but who is allergic to beef and pork???

Basically I eat fruit, veggies, chicken, seafood, and lentils.  Yech.  Good foods, but it gets old.  This means no convenient packaged snacks because EVERYTHING that's processed has something in it that I can't eat.

I have literally had dreams about eating hamburgers (real ones) and milk chocolate.  

I thought to myself, "Don't despair, self.  You can have low-sugar frozen yogurt because it's made from curds, not whey.  Low sugar, no whey, and no gluten.  Great right?" Nope. They add whey to frozen yogurt!  I was heart sick about it!  I just want to be able to eat a stupid dessert of some sort!

Wonderful Daniel felt sorry for me.  So, he looked online and found me some of this wonderful, glorious ice cream wannabe from Ozark Natural Foods:  

I love you Daniel!