Quilting up a storm

So, after deliberating I decided to add ric rac to the rest of the borders on the other Red Riding Hood Quilt. If you're going to add some Jazz, you need to be whole-hearted about it:

After that I started another free form kind of quilt.  Hopefully he'll be finished soon:

Upside down fox leaping over floppy flowers in process...

My new teacup, Armpit Monkey, is a very important component to the quilting process.
 This is my last little quilt that I finished today on my lunch break.  I started it nearly a year ago but decided to finally piece it.  It's kind of Americana-ish.  

I have been sewing furiously lately.  There are reasons.  #1, it's therapeutic.  #2, cousin Aubrey and I are starting up an Etsy store.  Check out her awesome hair bows. 

Happy Friday 13th!