I forgot to mention that one of the best parts of the cruise was the pre-cruise shopping for cheap dresses.  I really had fun with this.  I got some fun bargain dresses at TJ Maxx and Name Brand Clothing.  I think the average price I paid for a dress was $14.  The prices to me, were even better than the dresses.  Sales give me great joy : )
...these aren't the most flattering pictures but you get the gist

This is the dress I posted last time.  In this picture you can see that I added some tulle to the dress.  I added some along the neckline and straps as well as the bottom hem because it was too short.

$10 and I loved the Spanish-style ruffles
This was less schwanky, but still dressy for me
Ruffles again!  My ten year old self would be mortified, but I couldn't resist them.

Coffee:  Mama Carmen's on 71 is simply amazing!  They roast their coffee beans in-house and serve some wonderful drinks!  I would be embarrassed to confess how often I've been there...Did I mention that the coffee they sell comes from Mama Carmen's coffee plantation that supports orphans in Guatemala?

Latest Projects:  A lap quilt for my middle sister.  Her birthday was Tuesday and her supplement gift is a little lap quilt.  The fabrics were fun and I especially liked the vintagey backing.  Hope she does too.

This last quilt is one that I'd been thinking about quilting for a while.  I found the Scandinavian-inspired Red Riding Hood fabric at Fabric Worm.  I was drawn to it.  The colors are a mustardy yellow and a burnt red-orange-but I don't know if it was the color combination or because the wolf looks like Samson?  Hopefully I'll finish the backing and binding soon.