I've been doing some recycling lately. I had leftover fabric and owls from a friend's baby quilt and put them to use: 

 The only fabric I bought was the brown on white polka dots for the binding, which was nice. And cheap :)

Then Wonderful Daniel agreed to bring our old armoire upstairs to the library for storage. I "helped" push it up our windey stairs and I'm still sore. It used to hold our tele but was too small for our new old house so it's been sitting in our dining room. Now it has a new life!

My quilts and projects have a home! I've been rescuing "cutter" quilts from flea markets. I hate to read tags that say, "Would be great to cut up and repurpose!" Someone spent a LOT of time quilting that thing and they're suggesting that you cut it up? Because of a few small holes?
Here's my back-burner project and love.  The Gypsy Wedding Ring. I found it on Etsy a while ago and finally broke down and bought it.  It's glorious and mis-matchy. It needs some new quilting though.