Another one...

This quilt making thing has become an addiction. I had leftover scraps from Red Riding Hood that I used to make this crooked Chinese Coin inspired quilt:

My mom gave me some of her quilting scraps so I added ric rac (not to be confused with razzle tazzle) to give it some jazz.  Jazz is important, and sometimes I forget about it.  Thanks momma!

When are we going to have real pictures of house stuff to add to our house blog?  I don't know.  House projects take hours and hours...We have been out of town or busy EVERY weekend that I can even remember since November.  Someday our house will get some love.  Someday.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with some lovely images of a gift from Wonderful Daniel

 It's a bench, obviously, but I don't know yet what we'll do with it.  Upstairs, downstairs, not sure.  But I love it!