The Library

Over the last few days I've been painting the library.  I love books and have always wanted a library, so this is a special room to me.  I wanted it to be a room where you can relax completely and get lost in a book. It's almost there...

The new color is Blue Spruce by Benjamin Moore.  I saw it in Pottery Barn's December catalogue and copied their idea, which is somewhat like this:
Then I went to Wal-Mart and had them copy the paint color.  For $12.  Versus $32...I've got to give credit where credit's due, but I refuse to pay that much for paint.  It's against my principles.  The lovely thing is that Wally world can copy nearly any color. You just give them the name and their computer does the magic.

Here's the library before.  It was greyish and white on the walls with green trim.


From this angle, you can see the green hallway.  I cannot stand this color of green.  The same color was all over our old house in Conway.  I feel like it follows me around sticking out it's tongue.