Relaxation: A Gift

I love to relax.  Love it.  Especially with a book and some hot tea.  So, my wonderful husband ordered me four pounds of tea for my birthday.  The best of all teas.  He got it from my favorite tea house, Trailside Cafe and Tea Room.  It's in an old airplane hanger.  Very neat.  Here's their site
You should check it out if you're in town...
4 lbs of goodness
Lemon Chiffon and Almond Cookie
Old Faithful
A happy birthday girl with a crooked smile.  hahaha, this looked so funny I had to post it.  Also, you can see how things really are at our house.  We have a hole in the middle of our kitchen floor.

The Relaxation place.  The only problem is that the dogs have ridiculous gas.