Nooks and Crannies

I might have mentioned earlier that our old house has a lot of nooks and crannies.  I thought that I'd type up a quick little post in honor of these great things.  After all, they're pretty much the reason we bought the house.  Also, Daniel and I have been super-busy lately the mini-renovation has slowed down significantly.

These are the three best hidey-hole crannies...There are other little odd areas, but they're odd-odd, not cool odd.

1. As you turn the corner on the stairway:

Just to your right you'll notice this not-so-hidey-hidey-hole.  The hardware definitely gives it away.  That will change.  When we're done painting, etc. (I'm optimistically thinking like 18  months from now), we're going to replace the hardware on this guy with something amazing that will be basically invisible to the human eye. Here's a view inside the hidey-hole: 
I dont' know dimensions, but I do know that someone around 5'11" could hide in here comfortably and then push the door out to scare someone even taller on the stairs: )

2. This nook is in the hallway on the second floor:

This guy is also obvious, but doesn't have to stay that way.  We have plans for him that involve another paint color and subtlety.  Inside view:
Notice the sweet vintage wall paper...I'm thinking that maybe a child could hide in this one comfortably.  It would push the limits for an adult, which reminds me of Samson trying to shimmy through the cat door at our Ash house...

3. This one is in the library.  There are built-ins on the back wall that include this little treasure:

This is the corner of the bookshelf.  The nook areas are marked by their bright, shiny brass hinges.

This is a view of the top nook opened to reveal the "secret" super-dusty area.  If you can't quite make out the image, find the dusty area.  That's the part that's covered up by the secret panel.