Busy Bees

We had a wonderfully productive Halloween weekend.  Friday evening I finally cleaned out the lovely library.  Sort of.  I unpacked all of my books and put up my quilts that were strewn all over the floor in boxes and bags.  
Before: boxes and bags
Near-empty shelves.
After:  at least you can see the floor.

Some of the shelves are filled.  Looks like I need to do some book shopping : )

I also had a chance to sand and paint the outer trim and baseboards in our formal living area.  Daniel was kind enough to get some pictures of me in my special sanding garb: shades and a mask.  You would want your face covered too if you just got over Pink Eye.


After with a weird water mark

We also went antiquing.  We have a few places along HWY 412 and in downtown Rogers that we like to frequent.  On this trip Daniel spotted an old dining table that we both really like.  It's oak with a dark stain.

La Table