What's been going on the last week...

Daniel took down the mirrors of death.

We had an amazing dry-wall team come to the rescue and put in new ceilings in every first floor room, the stairway, and the second floor bathroom.

Living room(s)

Plus texture and paint
Plus texture and paint and some can lights

We also (finally) pulled up the carpet in the first floor living areas.  It was really nice for a change to work hard and have some instant gratification.  You pull it up, and voila- there's a beautiful floor underneath.  Novel...

And we tore out the carpet in the master bedroom.  Nice-ish floors again!  Praise God!
Check out our ghetto sub-window unit!
The hardwood floors in the master bedroom are interesting...A nice change from the blue carpet.  What you can't really see in this picture are the nasty tar balls that latched onto the wood floor when we removed the carpet pad.  It looked like the black foam particles from the multi-colored carpet pad were a poorer grade (vs. the accompanying 1970's green & brown foam particles) and disintegrated, creating nasty tar balls that stuck to the floor.

The lovely part about the nastiness is that we hired a cleaning company to come out just before we moved in. They took care of most of the tar balls.  As I mentioned earlier, with our close-date being postponed, we had to hire out a lot of the work that we had hoped to do ourselves.  This really turned out to be a blessing considering we still don't have air conditioning on the first floor.  We found ourselves saying several times during the last 10 days, "this is the best $(insert amount) I've spent all year."  It was so worth it to have the ceilings, texture, and cleaning done before we moved in!