We have 10 days before we move in!

Update: 10 days left. I've been slowly priming kitchen cabinets. Daniel finished removing the dangerous mirror tiles from the dining room and met the AC guy to figure out what's going on there. During this meeting, Daniel waded through a small forest of Poison Ivy on his way to the unit. He's now quite miserable. I wanted to post a picture of his rash, but figured he wouldn't be game.

Here are some old pictures of the house from the realtor. The first is the Library with all the books. The built-ins to the left were sold during the estate sale. The second is the dining room. The third is the backwards "L" living areas. In this picture you can appreciate the holes in the walls that have had to be filled in...The fourth is a view from the furthest back corner. In it you can see the yard, office/workshop/garage, back patio, and the back of the house. The fifth is the third level bedroom. The sixth is one of the guest rooms. The seventh is the master bedroom. Eighth is breakfast nook. Ninth is the kitchen.