These are some of the "before" videos that I took while walking through the house. Warning: the videos might cause nausea. I was not steady and if you can hear creepy heavy breathing, play something over it on itunes: )

I'm posting the videos randomly. They're basically the downstairs rooms. I'll post pics as well so you can maybe get a better feel for what the pictures are representing.
This first video is of the entry and some weird closet areas underneath the staircase.

This next video is of the dining room (kinda art deco), the kitchen, the mud or quilt room, the blue-applianced half-bath, and the laundry room. I did take a second to open up some of the built-ins cause I love all the nooks!

This is a short video showing the kitchen leading to the "L" shaped living room.

"Before" pictures coming soon...