Projects Con't

I picked out some fabric for the windows in the living areas.  I absolutely love it, and the best part is that it was $5.00/yard!  Daniel and I had some roman shades in our Conway Ash house.  I like them on older windows like we've had because it doesn't cover up any of the neat-o trim.  So the plan is to have roman shades in our living areas using these 
My mother-in-law helped me make the shades at the Conway Ash house.  The method that she used was awesome-you use an iron-on binding that avoids a lot of sewing.  The only problem was that it involved a lot of measuring-you had to find the right spots for these craft rings, stitch them onto the fabric, and then the contraption had to be rigged to a headrail of sorts.  It's similar to this:

Because my brain is tired and I already have blisters on my fingers from pulling up carpet staples, I decided to go the easy and cheap way out using the directions from here.  After completing the first shade, I found that ridiculous measuring still has to happen.  Should have seen that coming.  I hate measuring.  But, it was a lot simpler and the installation is going to be as easy as installing mini blinds. The blinds are $3.88 at Wal-Mart.  The fantastic fabric was $5 a yard.  Tacky glue was like $4 at Hancocks.  Can't beat that.

Daniel's time-sensitive project is a platform for our washer and dryer that will be delivered in two days.  We found a great deal on some dented front loading washer and dryer set.  Standard pedestals are expensive and honestly don't do me a lot of favors.  They're too low to prevent bending.  Being above average in height means that I need an above average pedestal, and that's where my wonderful husband's new project comes into place.  This is the inspiration pedestal.

Daniel hard at work in his workshop where the wood-working magic will happen...